Forming line for croissants and “ensaimadas”

Rolled products type croissant, ensaimadas, conch, etc., can be hand made for small productions with product line type LPA-600 (see tables work for pastries) rolling products manually, or with fully automatic machines.

Automatic croissants forming machines support from 12 to 110 Gr. of weight, reaching some productions from 15,000 to 25,000 units/hour according to the format.

The format change is quick and easy.

Feed rollers or continuously.
Initial cutting unit and separating rows.
Triangles cut station.
Turning Group.
Rolling device.
Special positioning system.
Download output on tape or on trays.
Optional: Carousel trays type “Noria” or “U”.
It is built on 600 and 800 mm wide.
Electric control with color touch screen monitor.